News • Tuesday, 25.6.2019

Videmo 360 Version 2.0 now available

We are very happy to announce today our new version 2.0 of Videmo 360! And of course, we are also a bit proud, because we have worked hard to improve our application for you.

What are the highlights of the new version?

  • New procedure for face detection (higher accuracy, up to 12-pixel small faces)
  • New procedure for face identification (greatly improved recognition rate)
  • New procedure for gender and age estimation (improved accuracy)
  • Introduction of workspaces and user roles (multiple users can use a single Videmo 360 instance to separate different tasks from each other)
  • Introduction of identity groups (selection of identities for live identification, color assignment)
  • Live export of event images to the file system
  • Higher speed in mass operations (e.g. when creating / deleting media)
  • GPU acceleration ("graphics cards") required for real-time performance
  • Extensive changes in the Videmo 360 API
  • New database model

Would you like to learn more? Contact us for more informationen and a live demo!