Videmo 360

Videmo 360 is our all-in-one solution for face recognition in videos, photos and directly from cameras. Search retrospectively in video or perform live observation, stand-alone or in a team. All these features are combined in one application with an intuitive, user-friendly interface.

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Functions at a glance

Process camera streams in real-time, find and recognize faces, manage identities, search in videos and pictures. As easy as never before.

Analyze videos and photos

Videmo 360 automatically locates faces and creates templates. Each face or track becomes a discoverable event.

Live analysis

Cameras can be directly connected and analyzed in real time. In the live display, the resulting events can be observed as they are produced, hits are highlighted.

Integrated video player

In the built-in video player, every face is "clickable". There are also comfort functions such as magnification, variable speed, brightness adjustment, multi-monitor setup, etc.

Retrospective search

Using retrospective search, videos, pictures and camera recordings can be searched for identities that were not known at the time of the recording. Various sortings and filters are available. Freshly discovered sightings of a person can be added easily to the query identity in order to iteratively refine the search.

Manage identities

Identities can be created and dynamically extended with events from video or image sources. Image uploads can also be used to create identities.

Scales with your requirements

Tailored to your needs!

Be it for a single user, for an entire team, for small-or large-scale tasks, for central data analysis or for monitoring camera network - we have the right solution for your requirements.

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  • Camera Networks

    In installations with many cameras, it is often not possible to process all video streams on a central server. Using camera endpoints, Videmo 360 offers the possibility to analyze video streams on remote computers, thus taking the load off the server and the network (edge ​​computing).

  • Multi-User System

    For larger tasks and teamwork the Videmo 360 server can be installed on a dedicated server, which takes care of the computation work and data storage. The Videmo 360 clients connect to the server via network from remote workstations.

  • Single-User System

    In a single-user configuration, Videmo 360 runs stand-alone on a PC. Database and user interface are local. Ideal for single users and small installations with low data volume.

Videmo 360 API

Via its documented programming interface (API), Videmo 360 exposes all of its functionalities to software developers. That makes it easy to integrate Videmo 360 into an existing infrastructure.

  • Open

    All operations can be triggered via API and all data can be queried.

  • Scriptable

    The network-enabled HTTP-REST API with JSON as data exchange format allows full programmatic control.

  • Extensible

    Third-party systems can be easily connected and complex processes can be implemented quickly.

Videmo 360 – Technische Daten

System design
  • Videmo 360 Server: video analysis, data storage, provision of API
  • Videmo 360 Client: graphical user interface
  • Videmo 360 Camera-Endpoint: outsourced video analysis (optional)
Operating system Windows or Linux
Video formats Supports all common open formats as well as some proprietary formats
Cameras RTSP network cameras, ONVIF, USB
API Network-compatible HTTP-REST API with JSON as data exchange format
VMS connections Capable of interfacing directly with video management systems Geutebrück and Dallmeier

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