Retail and Market Research

The use of face recognition unlocks new potential in the field of market research by allowing to collect real-time, detailed statistics, for example about the age or gender distribution of visitors. Data is recorded automatically and anonymously - a real added value for market research and the planning of advertising measures.

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Results in real time

Since the analysis results are available in real time, it is even possible to adapt the content of digital advertising displays to the current viewer. This improves both the effectiveness and the attractiveness of your advertising campaigns.

  • Customer Statistics

    Real data for market research. Record customer footfall, age and gender. For more accurate statistics, store staff can be excluded from counting.

  • Measuring Attention

    Determine the effectiveness of your POS advertising by measuring the attention and focus of the viewers.

  • Targeted Advertising

    Adapt your advertising messages dynamically to viewers and create a personalized advertising experience.

  • Privacy Included

    Our video analytics generates statistical data about your customers. No images or other personal information will be stored.

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